Quiznos Stepping Up Drive-thru Presence in Central America

SAN JOSE – Sept. 29, 2014 – QSR International has announced the opening of its fourth restaurant in Nicaragua, as well as the construction of the first Quiznos drive-thru location in Costa Rica.

QSR International is the master franchise off Quiznos (as well as Smashburger and Teriyaki Experience) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Heavier Focus on Drive-thrus

The new drive-thru unit currently under construction will be located near the municipal courthouse in Guadalupe, San José, Costa Rica. It will incorporate a new dual equipment line which has reduced service times by 40 percent, according to Richard Eisenberg, president of QSR International.

“We developed a new, dual-sided equipment line which, with improvements to POS and ‘on the fly’ kitchen monitors, has significantly improved speed of service, enabling us to build more drive-thrus,” he said in an email to QSRweb.

Within QSR International’s Latin and Caribbean markets, there are currently four open units with a drive-thru, out of 97 total units. Eisenberg said there will be “several more” built in 2015.

“Our average unit volumes for Quiznos are about double the US, and drive-thrus are even higher. Drive-thru units are projected to sell 40 to 50 percent of their sales in the drive-thru,” he said.

The Costa Rica location will be the eighth unit owned and operated by one of QSR’s three local franchise partners, Food Corp. It also will be the 29th Quiznos in Costa Rica.


The new Nicaragua location is in Managua, in the Multicentro Las Americas Mall, Villa Progreso. It is operated by Industrias de Comida Rápida SA (INCORSA), and is the fourth of five units planned for Nicaragua.

“Quiznos has quickly become a highly successful and favorite restaurant brand in the Nicaragua marketplace,” INCORSA CEO Bergman Castillo said in a news release. “We believe that Quiznos’ superior premium ingredients are a key attribute of our success.”


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